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Revive Your Jewels

Do you have any jewellery that you would like 'revived' into a new charm bracelet, necklace or kilt-pin?

If so, then here's how to do it:

For a piece you need to have one brooch and one to eight charms- depending on your preference or what you have available. These charms can be earrings, rings, pendants, cufflinks, lockets etc. Don't worry about beads as I have a very good bead collection which I will use to bring the 'look' of your piece together- I also use chain decoration round the beads.

If you want extra charms added to your piece this is possible- I have an extensive collection to make a good decision from.

If you have alot of jewellery you'd like me to look through and see what is possible- please send this with a covering note and a contact number, payment can be organised at this stage.

Here is my price list:
Beaded Charm Bracelet: 30
Beaded Charm Bracelet with watch: 40
Beaded Charm Necklace: 30
Beaded Charm necklace with watch: 40
Long chain necklace: 20
Long chain necklace with watch 30
Kilt pin: 20
Kilt pin with watch: 30
Brooch: 10
extra charms: 5 each

standard delivery 3 (no insurance- I cannot take any responsibility for loss/damage)

special delivery 7.50  (insured up to 500 for your items. If the items are worth more than this please let me know and I can calculate the delivery for you). 

Please email (
eclectic_shock@yahoo.co.uk) or call me (07967310621) with any questions.

Please send parcels with jewellery, covering note with description of what you'd like and cheque made payable to 'Eclectic Shock' with correct amount for services.
Delivery address:
Louise Pringle
69 Argyle Place
Polton Hall
EH19 2PE

If you stay nearby to this address and want to pop round with your jewellery then get in touch to organise a date and time.

Please note- I am only insured for lost/damaged jewellery in transit of the posting back of your jewellery. I have no extra insurance for damage/loss/theft of jewellery in my possession. I have been doing this sevice for 6 years now and as yet have not encountered any problems. Old jewellery however can be fragile and may not stand the process of 'reviving' so please be aware of this as there is no insuance to cover you in this event.